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10 Best Practices for Marketing Your Book in 2017

Mary Wiley

Feb 6th

As a new year begins, it is easy to get caught up in the new: the tasks, the plans, and the experiments, but it’s also important to remember that content you created in the past still has value. I’m so thankful that we get to talk about and support books that have an eternal purpose. The message God gave you to write is still relevant and needed today. There are still people who haven’t read the content that might need it, so don’t forget to remind them that your book exists. The following are ten best practices to remember for marketing your book in 2017.

    1. Remember to mention your resource and even take a few copies to sell when speaking at events.
      As you connect with listeners from the platform, they might want to hear more from you by reading your book. If you aren’t comfortable talking about your resource, have a friend introduce it for you.
    2. Post about your book on social media from time to time and include it in your email newsletters.
      You may feel like you talk about your book too often, but in the world of the internet where even those who follow you probably won’t see every post, it never hurts to post a couple of times about your book.
    3. Facebook ads work wonders.
      If you or your team are doing addition paid marketing, Facebook ads are definitely the best bang for a small buck. Facebook is the optimal platform to sell books. Twitter and Instagram are fun and great places to connect with your audience, but Facebook truly sells the most books.
    4. Connect with your audience.
      Where is your audience? Are they at an event? On a certain social platform? Join them there. People online are craving personal attention and to be connected. You can do so without overextending yourself.
    5. Continue to post new articles about the content in your book.
      Keep your content fresh by posting new articles centered around the content you cover in the book.
    6. Pursue other opportunities to write on similar subjects.
      Guest post for other blogs and write articles for publications that point to your book via your content. Always include your book (with a link to a retailer site) in your bio.
    7. Give a few copies away online from time to time.
      Be generous with your audience and do giveaways on your blog, your social platforms, or your newsletter. We’d love to help you do this. Surprise your readers by dropping a signed book at an easy to identify location and post about where you have left for your audience.
    8. Take your teaching to Facebook Live.
      Facebook Live is the new, free streaming video platform integrated into Facebook. Jump on and do some teaching, just make sure to let your followers know when you’ll be doing so prior to when you hit the live button. This content will live forever on your page as well, collecting even more views over time.
    9. Include your resource in your bio and your email signature.
      Don’t forget to use your email signature to point people to your writing. For the best impressions, include an image of your book and links to buy.
    10. Talk with your marketing team about other ideas you may have that they can help with.

If you are a Lifeway or B&H author, we love to help in any way that we can. Let us know how we can best serve you today. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Mary Wiley, Digital Strategist, and the B&H Marketing Team
[email protected]