5 Devotions to Use with Your Kids This Week

Mary Wiley

Apr 18th

I recently became a parent, and although my two babies can’t talk yet, we still read Scripture to them. We aren’t running kids to soccer and dance practice yet, but just getting bottles ready at the right time is enough for me to know that finding a great devotional that we can grab and use quickly is going to become very important as we seek to foster the spiritual growth of our kids. Are you there already? Is it difficult some nights to find time? We want to partner with you as you seek to provide great Biblical teaching for your kids! We hope these 5 devotions will jump-start your time together this week. These are from Devotions Below the Surface, a 52-week devotion. You can use the devotions consecutively for 52 days or use one per week for the entire year! Get it here.

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Going Below the Surface: Jesus Knows Who I Really Am
Does Jesus love me even though He knows everything about me?

People did not like Zacchaeus! He was short, rich, and used his job to scare people to give him money. When he heard Jesus was coming to town, Zaccheaus wanted to see Him, so he climbed into a tree to get a better view. When Jesus saw Zacchaeus, He invited Himself to Zacchaeus’s house even though he was a sinner!
Do you think Jesus would want to come to your home? Yes! Even though Jesus knows every single thing you have done wrong, He still loves you. No matter what sin you’ve committed in the past, Jesus wants to spend time with you- just like Zacchaeus. Jesus knows who you are deep inside, and he Loves you anyway.

Dear God,
Thank You for loving me no matter what I do, even when I sin. Help me remember to show love to others too. I want to remember that You send Jesus to save anyone who will follow Him. Amen.

Searching for Treasure: Jesus Knows My Worth

What am I worth to God?

The SS Gairspoppa set sail from West Africa for Liverpool, England, in 1941 during World War II with a large load of silver. Sadly, the boat was bombed by a German U-boat and sank into the ocean- where it stayed until 2012 when a company called Odyssey Marine found it and recovered over 100 tons of treasure!
That lost treasure was worth a great deal to the company and to the government. They spend a lot of time, money, and resources to find it. Did you know that you are worth more to God than all that silver? Jeremiah 1:5 says God chose you before you were formed! God knew He wanted you before you even breathed your first breath of air. You do not have to earn your worth with God. You were chosen, loved, and valued by God before you even knew Him!

Dear God,
Thank You for teaching me that I mattered before I was even born. Help me remember that I am important to You – more important than the biggest earthly treasure. Help me show others that they are important to You too. Amen.

Supplying the Submarine: Jesus Knows I Need a Savior

Why Do I need Jesus as my Savior and Lord?

I bet you’ve heard John 3:16 lots of times, but have you really listened to what it says? This verse is telling you that God sacrificed His Son because sinners like you and me needed help. God chose to give His Son’s life so we wouldn’t have to suffer for eternity for our sin.
Everyone needs Jesus. To have eternal life and live in heaven when you die, you must believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. You must confess Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Life is better with Jesus. Aren’t you glad you listened to that message!

Dear God,
Thank You for providing for y biggest need. Thank You for giving me something I don’t deserve – eternal life with you. Give me the courage to talk to others about how to become a Christian. Amen.

Navigating the Waters: Jesus Knows My Purpose

Can we trust God to work everything out for good?

Do you every make a mistake? We all do! Romans 8:28 is a great reminder that no matter what we do, God works things together for His purpose. He’s God, remember? You are going to make mistakes. Ask God to forgive you and ask Him for His help. He knows your heart and He knows when you truly want to follow Him. If your goal is to please God, you don’t need to worry. He can take care of anything that happens in your life and work it out for good, for His glory.

Dear God,
Thank You for sending Jesus to die for my sins. Thank You for loving me no matter how many times I mess up. Thank You for forgiveness. I want to live in a way that pleases You. Show me how to do that. Amen.

Exploring the Deep Waters: Jesus Love and Accepts Me
How long will God’s love last?

It’s never fun to find out that time has run out and you aren’t going to get something you were hoping for. But, one good thing – a great thing, the best thing – never expires. It’s God’s love! Jeremiah 31:3 tells us how much God loves you and me, and He promises that His love is everlasting. That means no matter what, no matter when, God ‘s love will last forever.

Dear God,
Thank You for your love! Thank You that it never stops. Help me share You’re amazing love with others. Help me remember that You will never stop loving me no matter what happens or what I do. Amen.