Leaders are Learners

Mary Wiley

Jun 1st

Forward by Ronnie Floyd

Leaders are learners. Leaders are readers.

As I jumped into a ministry-based work force right out of college, I had leaders who passionately instilled these truths in me. I saw it in them as they discussed the books they were reading, that new article they saw, or a new way to look at an old problem that we faced. I heard it as they talked with me about how I was leading teams of college students and how I could improve. To this day, I am immensely thankful for the impact my first leaders had on my life and these truths that they worked hard to position as of utmost importance to the job I was in, but also the future that I had.

I still have a lot to learn, but I can confidently say that leaders are indeed learners, and some of that learning comes from reading good books. Continually increasing in teachability is the driving characteristic of a humble leader who is focused on success, but not success that is self-seeking. Learning from those you lead and those who lead you brings growth to the entirety of a team. To be great at what you do, you must not go at it alone; and when we try to go alone, we normally forfeit our leadership in the process.

Forward leaders will grow in influence and impact, but it takes more than simply teachability. Today, Forward by Ronnie Floyd launched, and you should pick it up! He covers seven distinguishing marks for future leaders, one of which is that leaders grow in teachability.  Check it out for great advice on becoming a forward leader worth following! Check it out here >>