5 Ways to Live an Audacious Life

Mary Wiley

May 20th

Beth Moore’s greatest wish is to see women come to know and audaciously love Jesus Christ for two reasons:

Audacious coverNumber one is, simply, He’s worth it. Jesus is bigger than we think, better than He seems, and more willing and able than we believe.

The second is why she wrote Audacious. She is convinced to the last particle in her that in that audacious love, you will find the life you were born to live.

How do you live audaciously when you’re not sure where to start? Beth gives five tips on living an audacious life throughout her book.

  1. Have hope and be bold. Full boldness is how we’re meant to live, speak, and serve people. Boldness says that we don’t see every little obstacle as some big hinderance. Boldness makes the best of each situation. To have hope, you have to use great boldness. If you are going to live audaciously, you can’t open the door when hopelessness bangs its ugly fist. It has no place in your hopeful, bold life.
  2. Believe that Jesus audaciously loves you. To love audaciously, you have to believe, to the very last atom in your DNA, that you are audaciously loved. You have to believe with unrelenting conviction and confidence that Jesus audaciously loves you. You have to be convinced that a fiery passion rages within Him towards you. His love for you has always been and always will be.
  3. Love Jesus audaciously. Loving audaciously is the shoo-in for living audaciously. If you love Jesus audaciously, you won’t have to worry about living audaciously. Your feet will follow your fiery heart. A heart that audaciously loves will audaciously live.
  4. Never underestimate the verve of humble adventures that impress no one but Jesus. These things were costly. Many of the perils that we face are seen by no one. They are deeply personal and out of public sight. You’ve been treated treacherously and carelessly and even been ignored. You’ve been quiet when you wanted to scream and screamed when you wanted to be quiet. You’ve hung in when you wanted to quit and stayed when you wanted to leave. These thing impress Jesus. They were expensive to you, and he knows and counts the cost and personal price you’re paying for your faithfulness to him.
  5. Need is not enough. You have to have a want or desire to want Jesus. Sometimes what we need to do doesn’t stick. Once we’re out from under the pressure, the need slips away. You ultimately have to be driven by desire. You have to want to know Christ. Jesus can heal your heart, cast out deceitful desire, and show you authentic want of a relationship with Him.

These together lead to a fiery relationship with Jesus! Divine affection does not subtract from other loves. It supplies them. It does not detract them. It gives them their proper dignity and their rightful places. To audaciously love Jesus Christ is not only the best thing you could ever do for yourself. It is the best thing you could for those around you even if, at first, they beg to differ. Every relationship in your life stands to benefit from your bold, adventurous affection for Jesus Christ.

You share Jesus with your heart by the way you love, with your hands by the things you do, and, yes, of course, you share Jesus with your mouth. Sooner or later, you won’t be able to keep from it. Audacious love unties even the shiest tongue.