All Authority testimonial 9

Andy Whisenant | Dec 18th

A lot has been written on the Great Commission, but much of it has focused on pragmatic ways in which to accomplish God’s mission. Joey Shaw’s book goes beyond the pragmatic to what empowers, ignites, and excites the mission of God, which is the authority of Jesus Christ. Christ’s authority is often assumed and overlooked, but as Joey makes clear, it is the very basis by which Christians spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joey writes not merely from research, but from personal experience in facing the trials and persecution that come with participating in God’s mission. He speaks on the authority of Christ because he rests in that authority as the source and strength of his ability to cross cultures and spread the gospel. This is an essential book for the church that longs to see the mission of God unleashed in every neighborhood, network, and nation.

Logan Gentry, Lead Pastor, Apostles Church, Union Square, New York Center