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An Anchored Faith

Mary Wiley

Jun 30th

Mikaela Diel is serving as our social media intern this summer.
This is a guest post from her: 

“Sometimes community isn’t a grand gesture. Sometimes community is in the simple act of filling an empty seat.” -Kayla Aimee, Author of Anchored

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.43.00 PMLittle did I know that I would find the concept of this quote so undeniable my senior year of college.

Our final semester of college was arriving and we were the best of friends, all eleven of us. We wanted to cherish the last moments together before we all parted ways. We decided to commit to spending time each Tuesday to study Scripture and encourage one another.

The first week we were excited and expectant. We read a passage, prayed, and shared struggles and praises. Yet, I felt like something or someone was missing. I began praying that the Lord would fill that void.

Later that week my roommate mentioned a friend who was going through a hard, heart-wrenching situation. She wanted to invite her over for dinner that week to encourage her, but Tuesday was the only time she could do so. Immediately, I knew the void was being filled. She would be the addition to our group during our time together on Tuesdays.

A simple invitation to dinner became an opportunity for long-term friendship and encouragement. Laura’s story was difficult to hear. Her parents were getting a divorce, a relationship had ended terribly, and she had no close friends at school. She had gone to bed crying many nights praying for friends that would be able to help her in this season. She desperately needed community.

She’s now one of our best friends and I would have never wanted to miss the opportunity to know her. We’ve laughed with her, prayed with her, and encouraged her. Yet, I truly know she encouraged us more by her strength, her vulnerability, and her steadfastness.

I needed community with her just as much as she needed community with me. Community brings hope and allows us to remind each other of Christ’s provision in all situations.

A similar feeling of community and hope is found in Kayla Aimee’s new book, Anchored. It launches tomorrow with a Facebook party and tons of giveaways. Check it out.

When has community made a huge difference in the hope that you have?