Anchored testimonial 5


Dec 19th

Kayla Aimee’s path to motherhood is one that no mother would chose to walk. In Anchored, she shares the story of her daughter Scarlette’s birth as a micro-preemie with both raw honesty and humor. Five and a half months in the NICU transformed Kayla from a hesitant, insecure new mom into a competent and vocal advocate and caregiver for her child while preparing her daughter for life beyond hospital walls.

Women will find themselves in this love story from mother to child, regardless of their birth own experience. Kayla reminds us that it’s not our own strength or faith that carries us, but a merciful God who extends us His grace. This is a story that needs to be told and a comfort to those looking for God in the midst of pain.

Dawn Camp, author of The Beauty of Grace: Stories of God’s Love from Today’s Most Popular Writers