Becoming Leaders Who Say, “I Will!”

Mary Wiley | Jul 28th

You are a leader. No matter your role, you bear influence in your family, your workplace, your church, and your community. In today’s changing culture, there’s no better time to serve those within your influence as an outwardly focused Christian, leading others to do the same.

As members of the body of Christ, the church can make a great impact in serving the world around them. Whether you are leading within your family or within the context of the church, our prayer at B&H Publishing Group is that you would make decisions that provide opportunities for you to live outwardly, engaging deeply in the body of Christ and connecting with others for the cause of Christ.

It’s so easy to become comfortable where we are with our close-knit group of friends, but Scripture calls us to live a life opposite of comfortable. The Gospel calls us to an abundant life where our joy is found in Christ and His work. May we move from people who are constantly saying, “I want…” more money, more time, more happiness, more good things to happen, more anonymity, and more stuff to people who say, “I will…” be joyful in all circumstances, worship and grow with others, serve, go where God sends me, give generously, engage in church, and make a difference.

IMG_2457That’s the goal of Thom Rainer’s new book, I Will: to move our churches and the individual members from “I want…” and “I am…” to “I will…” From begrudging participation in their local church to joyous commitment; from making church about us to praying that God would use the church for His work; from being an anonymous seat-filler on the back pew to being engaged and serving within the church.

As our churches become stronger, those on the outside of its walls will see the unity and growth that only God could provide. May those still living in darkness see our churches and know that Holy Spirit must dwell there because of the fruit that is produced. May they desire to know Him because of the church’s love for one another and each member’s love for his or her circle of influence.

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