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B&H Kids’ Bibleman™ The Animated Adventures Reveals New Logo, and Character Images


Mar 18th

B&H Kids’ Bibleman™ The Animated Adventures Reveals New Logo, and Character Images
First Products Available in October 2016
Nashville, TN –  (March 18, 2016) B&H Kids is racing toward the fall 2016 release of the Bibleman™, the Animated Adventure series, by revealing an all-new logo, initial character images, and the first products scheduled for an October 15th pub date. “The characters pay homage to the original live action characters, yet have a fresh appeal for old and new fans alike,” says Dan Lynch, Publisher for B&H Kids.
BH-Bibleman-ProductShotsAnnounced in summer 2015 at ComicCon, B&H plans to release multiple products including DVDs, books, building block sets, mini-figures, and Bibleman’s sword.
In late summer, the new website will re-launch with previews of the new animated series and additional details..
Lynch adds: “The Bibleman brand has been around for more than two decades.  Willie Aames,  Robert T Schlipp (who played the role of Bibleman in the Live Action videos) and the many others built the brand and reached millions of kids.  We’re excited to be bringing it back with a new animated series and style for a new generation of kids and who to reach millions more.”
The Bibleman brand began in 1995 from Pamplin Entertainment and was primarily a series comprised of live-action videos with other branded books and toys. The brand was later sold to Thomas Nelson who produced additional live action videos, and was then acquired by B&H Kids in the fall of 2013.
“Kids love action heroes, and there’s no action hero who reaches kids with the Gospel message like Bibleman,” said Lynch.  “We can do so much more with animation than we ever could in live action.  New sets, new vechicles, surprises and of course both old and new villains. We know the kids who grew up with Bibleman will love introducing their children to this popular character.”
B&H Publishing partnered on the new project with P23 Entertainment Inc, to produce 26 episodes of Bibleman: The Animated Adventures. “We are very excited about the re branding the iconic franchise. This is something that I wanted to produce for over 8 years.  Taking it into the animation world only made the best creative sense, and the ministry impact will last for generations to come as animation is timeless.” says Cliff McDowell President of P23 Entertainment.