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B&H Publishing Group Announces Devin Maddox as Trade Book Publisher


Apr 3rd

B&H Publishing Group Announces Devin Maddox as Trade Book Publisher
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 3, 2017) – B&H Publishing Group is pleased to announce that Devin Maddox has been promoted to Trade Book Publisher and will lead the Trade Book Acquisition Team. Prior to this position, Maddox served as Christian Living and Leadership Publisher for three years.
Maddox will continue to work under the leadership of Jennifer Lyell, Vice President of Book Publishing for B&H, and will be responsible for leading acquisitions and publishing initiatives for B&H’s trade books, which include the Christian Living, Women’s, Men’s, Devotional, and Leadership categories.
“During his time at B&H, Devin has shown an incredible acumen for the most crucial areas of work in publishing. He is uniquely skilled as a content developer, understanding the importance of biblical teaching, audience engagement, message development, and market realities. He has proven himself to be a leader who serves our content, authors, and our team,” Lyell said. “We are thrilled for him to lead our trade book acquisitions team as we serve our authors and partners with skill and dedication”
“Those of us who have been assigned the missionary assignment to make disciples and carry the gospel and to the ends of the earth through books, bookstores, and reading devices stand together at a pivotal time,” Maddox said. “I eagerly anticipate how God might strategically use B&H to advance the kingdom of God in a rapidly changing world. We will look back on these years as those when our decisions determined the future of how readers would interact with Christian books.”
Maddox holds a B.A. (Christian Ethics) from Union University, M.Div. (Theology) from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is pursuing a Ph.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He previously served in various other roles at Lifeway Christian Resources. In addition, he served as Research Assistant to the Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Devin is married to Cara and has three sons.