B&H Staff Top 9 Kids Books for 2020


Dec 1st

Here’s B&H Staff’s top 9 picks for your kids this year! Visit by December 14 to ensure shipping by Christmas and to get the best deals on these great titles:

1. 5-Minute Bedtime Stories

5-Minute Bedtime Stories includes everything I love about faith-based children’s books: sweet, short narratives, adorable animal artwork, and foundational biblical wisdom. In crazy times like this, the essentials of the faith—things like kindness, prayer, trust, and compassion—matter more than ever. The variety of topics and diversity of friendly characters in this almost 200-page storybook are certain to draw young children in, piquing their spiritual interest and delighting their imaginations—a wonderful combination!” – Anna, Acquisitions Editor

2. Little Bible Heroes:Animal Friends

“As an animal lover I was immediately drawn to this sweet book! I love a collection of stories which is perfect for little ones’ short attention spans, and you can’t help but ‘aww’ at the adorable illustrations. Even though the stories are short and simple, they are written in a creative way that uses the animal to point to bible stories about Noah, Rebekah, Daniel, and other bible characters. It’s such a great way for kids to learn about God’s faithfulness and remember these important stories.” – Amanda Mae, Marketing Specialist

3. The Marvelous Maker

“Everything about The Marvelous Maker is captivating – the parabolic storytelling, the artwork, and the poetry of the words themselves. I love how the author, April Graney, creatively takes readers through the bible narrative with characters, ‘Adamus’ and ‘Genevieve’ (who aren’t actually Adam and Eve but represent all of humanity), from Genesis through Revelation. Of course the best part is ending with the hopeful reassurance that Jesus will return!” – Amanda Mae, Marketing Specialist

4. The Bright Light and the Super Scary Darkness

“As parents of three younger boys, my wife and I have a pretty serious library of children’s books. I asked my wife Cara to provide her review of this book, as a mother, ‘This is a darling book! The illustrations are fun and effective. I love the use of color to represent dark and light. The book does a good job of connecting a common concern kids have, being scared of the dark, with the Bible being a solution to this problem. The book also does a good job of illustrating to kids the whole story of scripture in a format that can comprehend. This is a sweet story that will enrich your home library.’ It makes me proud to be a part of publishing books like The Bright Light and Super Scary Darkness.” – Devin, Publisher

5. ColorFull

ColorFull is such a great resource for our family to have conversations with our young son about all the amazing colors God uses to create everything around us, including people! He loves looking at the fun and engaging artwork throughout the book, and Dorena’s careful crafting of the story points us to understand why we don’t have to be colorblind, but instead appreciate the colorful world around us.” – Andy, Email and Social Media Manager

6. Gracie’s Garden

“In a year when everything has seemed to sloooowwww down, Gracie’s Garden is a happy reminder that God is still busy growing good things, little by little. The book is filled with an encouraging story, delightful art, and lots of silliness—including a poster with riddles! Our mailman just delivered our first seed catalog, and, thanks to Lara Casey, we are already dreaming of next year’s miracles in the garden.” – Michelle, Acquisitions Editor

7. Where is Wisdom?

“Because I live hours away from my grandkids, I’ve found B&H ebooks to be a great way to share stories with them from afar. The kids loved Where is Wisdom? because each spread shows a new adventure, and while we had fun with the dramatic dialogue, we also talked about how God is the source of wisdom and that of all the treasures we could ever find, knowing Jesus is the very best.” – Diana, Graphic Designer

8. Who Sang the First Song?

“We love reading Who Sang the First Song? to our daughter, Lydia Rose. She is almost 5 months, so although she doesn’t yet understand the words, the art is absolutely captivating to her. We read it often before naptime or bedtime, and while she loves the pictures, we’re always encouraged by the words, pointing us back to our God who created everything by His Word!” – Taylor, Acquisitions Editor

9. Don’t Forget to Remember

Don’t forget to Remember is a favorite at our house! The art is incredible and the words are lyrical, making them easy to remember for little ones. We love the reminder that God is always with us, even when we might forget, so don’t forget to remember! This is a truth for little hearts, but also a tremendous reminder for my own!” – Mary, Marketing Manager