How Big Is Love? [GIVEAWAY]

Mary Wiley

Aug 18th

Have you ever asked your little one, just how big is love? Well, we now are asking you to do just that! Listen to their answers and post their response in the comments between now and next Wednesday (8/24) to be entered into our How Big is Love? giveaway. We’re picking our favorite answer and giving away a set of Amy Parker’s newest books: How Far is Faith? How Big is Love? And How High is Hope? to the winner!

If your kids needs some inspiration, check out the description of How Big is Love? Below!

“Mama, just how does love get so big?”Little Hedgehog is determined to understand just how love works. His curious questions will warm your heart, and his sweet story will remind you that love grows every time you give it away. Based on the important message of 1 Corinthians 13:13, the Faith, Hope, Love series will plant important seeds in children’s hearts.

Don’t miss the other titles in the series: How Far Is Faith?, How High Is Hope?, and The Faith, Hope, Love Devotional.

Have fun and good luck!