Big Results Leadership Author Q&A


Apr 12th

  • I get to talk to and coach people in leadership positions almost everyday. One thing is true: every leader wants some tools to help them get their organization to achieve the results they are hoping for. I wrote this book to share the overflow of my insights and experiences, blended with research, that can help leaders get where they want to go.

  • I wrote this book for current and future leaders. Many people are in leadership positions but have never been taught, or thought about, the true processes and dynamics of leadership. Many want to be leaders, or they step into the leadership space, but then wonder, “What is the next step?” This book provides potential, new and seasoned leaders the systematic tools for success. 

  • I have been fortunate to have gleaned a lifetime of leadership experiences in a variety of areas—school, corporate, government, community church, denominational, family and more. So, this book is not theoretical but practical. It is filled with easy-to-implement strategies that work.

  • There is a tremendous difference between achieving goals and achieving God’s will. God-centered leadership is to allow God to lead the way for his glory and the advancement of his kingdom. Bigger is not always better, and smaller is not always good. Ultimately, big results are those that accomplish God’s purpose and plan.   

  • Leadership is done over time, in seasons, phases and stages. What is absolutely right at one place and time can be awfully wrong at another. One size or strategy does not fit all situations. This book cannot cover every situation but guides the leader to glean from the role models in the biblical text. There, leaders gain tools that are effectively adapted to move every leader toward success. 

  • I hope that those looking for direction will find it, and those whom society counts as failures or underachievers will find that they are neither. Big results are those that  accomplish God’s purpose and plan.