Cannabis and the Christian testimonial 2

Andy Whisenant | Jul 12th

“The question of what to do about legalized marijuana has reached the church’s doorstop. Todd Miles provides a skilled and timely answer. He is fiercely biblical in his treatment, clear in his warnings, and tender with those looking for relief in the midst of suffering. But he does so much more than address cannabis use. Miles models how to think Christianly about ethics when the Bible doesn’t offer a proof text, how to lean into God and his Word when we experience chronic pain, and how to react when the demands of the government don’t align with the demands of God. Pick up this book as soon as you can! If the problems Miles addresses aren’t knocking on the door of your church and family right now, they will be very soon.”

Aaron Menikoff, PhD, senior pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, and author of Character Matters: Shepherding in the Fruit of the Spirit