Capture the Moment Author Q&A


Jul 19th

  • This devotional was birthed from my Sunday morning messages. As it touched our people in the spoken word, we knew it could be even more impactful in the written word. I want to help provide a “moment” everyday with God to focus our hearts and lives in the midst of this busy and chaotic environment.  

  • I wrote this book for the people of the church. My heart is for countless churches to use Capture the Moment as a church-wide devotional for 2022 as our church did. It will bring three things to churches and readers:

    • Unity (imagine an entire church unified daily in their devotional reading)
    • Discipleship (each devotional will spur us on to a greater love for Christ)
    • Missions (each book feeds three people in need) 
  • Send Relief is a ministry arm of the North American Mission Board. They meet people in their deepest time of need after a disaster or tragedy. Growing up and pastoring in Houston, I know firsthand the devastation of hurricanes. Therefore, I want all of the author royalties to provide meals for those in need after a disaster. Each devotional purchased will provide three meals in a time of need.

  • Each day’s devotion is short yet engaging, easy to read yet offers deep truths. Whether a long-time Bible student or brand-new, all you have to do is turn to today’s date and a Scripture and thought will be at your fingertips.

  • The Scripture is the core of Capture the Moment, and it paves way for a deeper relationship with God. The devotional thought will help all readers understand the passage and give them something to ponder for the day. Each day, we will capture a moment with Christ in order to grow in godly wisdom and knowledge. As we apply these truths in our lives, we will move out of the chaos of life into the still wisdom of God.

  • One of the most life-changing things that has happened in my Christian walk is spending time with God every day. In high school, I began reading the Bible each day by using a daily devotional. I was just a small pamphlet called “Our Daily Bread” I received in the mail each month. It was so impactful and also brought greater discipline and depth in my life.

  • Each day we receive thousands of messages. So let’s start the day with an eternal thought. Taking God’s truth into our day will help us identify the way, will and wisdom of the Lord.

  • We’ve seen God use Capture the Moment in our church and look forward to seeing how the Lord will impact more lives. I hope readers will develop the discipline and desire to spend time with God each day. I hope these daily devotions will help us move out of the chaos of life into the still wisdom of God.