• Is love really all we need? New from Sean McDowell


The music we listen to, the movies we watch—they’re all telling us to keep chasing love, and that we’ll finally be happy when we find it.

But is love really all we need?

The love that the world tells us to pursue is all about self, about following your heart’s desires. But what is the Christian worldview on love? When we follow Jesus, we realize that he invites us to reorient the focus of our lives, so instead of chasing love primarily for our own happiness, we are first and foremost to give love—to God and to others.

In Chasing Love, Sean McDowell will invite readers into Jesus’ radical, upside-down approach to love, and in doing so, he’ll answer some of the toughest questions we’re asking about love today:

  • How does Jesus speak to singleness?
  • What does the gospel say about LGBTQ issues?
  • Can sexual sin truly be forgiven?
  • What if I’m not happy in my marriage?

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Order your copy of Chasing Love and redeem your receipt here to get access to special interviews with Sean and his dad, Josh McDowell, founder of the Why Wait? campaign, and with Dr. Richard Ross, co-founder of the True Love Waits campaign.

In these interviews, Sean will discuss with these leaders about the impact these sexual purity movements have had on our culture and how to walk in wisdom through the tough questions of today.

the author

Dr. Sean McDowell leads the Bible department at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools in California. The awarded teacher is also a popular national youth speaker, editor of the HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students, and has authored several books including Understanding Intelligent Design (with William Dembski) and ethiX: Being Bold in a Whatever World. Sean and his wife have two children.

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