Disciple Her testimonial 1

Andy Whisenant | Jan 12th

God called me to women’s ministry forty-plus years ago, and for all of those years, discipleship has been at the center of my efforts. Seeking a discipleship strategy that works has been a struggle. I knew of the Gallatys’ Replicate Ministries and had read about their D-Group strategy, so when God brought them to our church, I was ecstatic. Because of them, starting a D-Group with young women was the first thing I did when I retired. Being personally blessed doesn’t even start to describe the experience I’ve had with these discipleship principles! All the details you need to disciple other women are right here in Disciple Her! And IT WORKS!

Chris Adams, retired women’s ministry specialist at Lifeway Christian Resources and writer at An Imperfect Woman in God’s Perfect Plan blog (