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Do you ever forget to remember what’s true?


Mar 2nd

I’m a momma to three precious kids. 

These days with younger children are wonderful, but they are FULL.  I am grateful, but I am busy! 

I know that a lot of parents with little ones can relate. 

Some days I don’t make a dent in the seemingly endless “to do” list. There are piles of laundry to fold, dishes to wash, floors to be swept, arguments between siblings to settle and little mouths to feed. 

Even though all of these tasks are important, at the end of the day, I really want to be teaching my kids the truth. I want them to know that they are deeply loved, that God’s mercy never runs out on them, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves them and that their lives have purpose and meaning. 

Am I communicating these truths all day? Not usually! I feel like I’m just trying to keep everyone alive… to get everyone clean and clothed and fed while reminding them how to be respectful and kind along the way.  But at the end of the day, we always curl up with books to read. We sing. We cuddle. We pray.

So, I wanted to write a book to help remind myself and my children of what is true. Our days are so busy that we often forget the truths that I so desperately want to hold onto. 

That’s how this book started—with me asking, What if at the end of the day, we could settle down into the truth of God’s love for us, and rest there? What if I could write a book that could help me and my kids pay better attention to the song creation is singing all day long? What if I could help uncover some of the clues creation whispers day in and day out, from season to season, about how God loves us? 

And so… I set out to write Don’t Forget To Remember.

Psalm 91 largely inspired this book. It says that the heavens declare the glories of God. Creation itself sings a song every single day! I hope Don’t Forget To Remember will help children and the adults in their lives pay attention to that song.

How Parents Can Use this Book

As a mom, I want my kids to really grasp and remember important truths about God. But when I stopped to think about that, I couldn’t help but believe that my kids were more likely to say, “Mom really wants us to remember to put our shoes in the shoe basket when we walk in the door!” There are countless things we are trying to teach our children in their younger years… how to say “please” and “thank you,” how to walk, how to hold a cup, how to tie their shoes and get themselves dressed – but at the end of the day, what do I really want my children to really remember?

A lot of times, when we finally slow down at the end of the day and I’m tucking my kids into bed, I’ll ask them, “What’s true?” They sleepily say something like, “I’m a precious child of God, and I’m your child, and you and Daddy love me so much.” After the busy days of teaching them all the other things they need to know as they grow up, I always want to make sure they remember the most important things.

I hope this book will help parents start having those precious conversations with their kids. What’s true? What clues did you find today about how God loves you today? If the heavens declare the glory of God, what are they saying? 

I love the idea of parents and children talking about how creation tells the story of God’s love for us!

The most important thing is that we pay attention. There are clues all over the place that point us to the love that God has for us, and I hope this book will feel like a map to that, the most precious treasure I know. 

— Ellie Holcomb