10 eBooks So Great You’ll Need to Take Notes

Mary Wiley

Jun 10th

Read Great Books
Summer is all about reading great books… not just okay books, or sort of fun books, but great books: those books that make you grab your notebook frantically so you can write down that great quote and books that transport you to another time and another place with their stories. Get out that e-reader that you use everyday — or maybe that your significant other bought you for Christmas three years ago that was used once and placed in a drawer — and don’t miss these fantastic ebook deals!

1. The Man of Character Series by Gene Getz, all $0.99 this week.

These are great books to jump into to see God’s picture of character and integrity from Bible characters.Available are: Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, Nehemiah, David, Elijah, Daniel, Paul, and The Apostles.

2. 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller, $2.99 this week.
Learn to approach work as more than just a paycheck, but as part of the calling God has placed on each life.

3. Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby, $2.99 this week.
Read as Blackaby outlines the challenges, character qualities, and influence leaders can have, all the while focusing on how leaders discover and promote God’s vision for their organization and move people on to His agenda.

4. God on Sex by Danny Akin, $2.99 this week.
God created both sex and marriage, and the Bible has much to say about both. Pick up this book today to hear from Dr. Danny Akin, who has led over 300 marriage conferences to date.

5. Is God Calling Me? by Jeff Iorg, $2.99 this week.
“God is calling out a new generation of kingdom leaders who will accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this geeration.” Iorg’s goal is to cut to the heart of the matter and give you tools to work through the call process.”