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Exalting Jesus Through All of Scripture

Mary Wiley

May 4th

The Bible is one of the most diverse books ever compiled. Parts of the Bible contain words of wisdom that a person could apply to their everyday life, while others seems to focus on what God will accomplish in the future. It includes letters, poetry, biographical stories, and even reports of miraculous events. It would be easy to look at the Bible as a disjointed book with insights that any person could pick and choose from, but this would miss the whole point of the Bible.

The Christ Centered Exposition Commentary highlights the powerful truth that the Bible is all about God’s glory, which is most clearly seen through exalting Jesus in each book of the Bible. God redeems a people oppressed in slavery in the book of Exodus just as Jesus breaks mankind’s bonds of their slavery in sin through His death and resurrection. The hope of a God who wants to connect relationally with mankind is seen in books like Zephaniah and fulfilled in the Gospel of Matthew, as Jesus is God in the form of man dwelling with people. Letters such as Galatians reveal that Christ is the source of our redemption apart from the Law. The Book of Revelation reminds us that the God who promised in Genesis to redeem all things will do so through Christ.

As individuals dive into God’s Word, The Christ Centered Exposition Commentary serves to aid pastors and church leaders as they prepare to teach, while at the same time personally developing any church member’s understanding of the gospel throughout each book of the Bible. The Bible is a Christ-centered story focusing on God’s ability to save all of creation through the greatest hero the world has witnessed—Jesus Christ.

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