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Jul 30th

Summer may be ending but the fun and learning doesn’t have to! Check out these B&H Kids titles with some extra bonuses that will help you and your kids continue to grow.


What readers are saying…

“ColorFull is a fantastic way to begin (or continue) the conversation with children regarding racial identity and loving God’s creations and our uniqueness.” – Janet

“The beauty of God’s design is meant to be celebrated. A wonderful message with important meaning for kids and adults. This is a must-have for any family or church library.” – Lisa

“We absolutely love the message of this book and the celebration of diversity as God made us. Not only is the message incredible, the artwork is beautiful.” – Nate B.

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Gracie’s Garden

What readers are saying…

“It has so many treasures hidden in the pages – especially the opportunity to make fun voices and funny rhymes – had so much fun!! I love that I’m teaching my daughter about stuff that matters!” – Nicole C.

“I love that this book mentions activities kids can do while waiting for the tomatoes to grow; we all have moments we need to work on patience.” – Anna Rose R.

“I hear ‘read it again!’ after we finish! My kids love the pictures, the funny moments, and the characters.” – Lisa B.


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The Edge of Everywhen 

What readers are saying…

“No spoilers here, but let me just say that it touches on the struggle between doubting God and believing he has a purpose in the difficult circumstances that he brings into our lives. It won’t give all the answers, but it will start the conversation.” – A. Wencl

“It was a book of intrigue and mystery in a beautiful way. The character development and world building was wonderfully done.” – Kathleen M.

The Edge of Everywhen may have been written for middle-schoolers, but adults will get lost in this tale just as easily and will find adventure and perhaps even faith.” – Javacia B.

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