Getting Started with Bible Art Journaling

Mary Wiley

Sep 27th

How can art help you connect with God? We recently sat down with Deborah Boutwell, one of our team members here at B&H Publishing, to chat all about her experience with Bible art journaling and how it has made a huge impact on her walk with Christ. Check out some of her amazing artwork along the way too!

What exactly is Bible art journaling? Is it the same as notetaking?

Bible art journaling is the chance to bring creative elements into your Bible study time. For me, it’s a different experience than taking notes in my Bible — it’s a chance to express my creativity through drawing, painting, scrapbooking, and more as I spend time in God’s Word.

How does Bible art journaling help you connect with God every day?

For me, my Bibles are like a diary of my life. I’m able to see God’s work all around me as I look through older Bibles — prayers that have been answered, new things I learned as the Holy Spirit taught me, and how I’m growing as a follower of Christ. I work through about two Bibles every year as God continually shows me new things about His goodness and grace.

One of the first things we learn about God in the book of Genesis is that He is a creator. He creates everything around us and says that it is good. He’s a creative God, and if we’re made in His image like Scripture tells us we are, we’re creative too! Being able to express that creativity as I sit with Scripture for long periods of time draws me closer to my Heavenly Father. It’s a way I can worship every day.

What are some good tools for Bible art journaling?

Most of these products can be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Lifeway Christian Stores also has great journaling supplies too!

  • Any Bible with wide margins (but not necessary) or a blank journal
  • Colored pencils
  • Drawing pencils and art eraser (white)
  • Archival pens/markers — test to make sure they don’t bleed through your page (use the back of your Bible as a test page)
  • Clear Gesso — to protect pages if desired
  • Acrylic paint — used gift cards are great for applying the paint to the page
  • Stamps & archival/pigment inks – test in the back of your Bible first and if needed, use clear Gesso to reduce bleed through. Pigment inks are not water resistant and will reactivate if they get wet.
  • Washi tape
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint and watercolor brushes – I like the watercolor brush that has water in the tube of the brush and comes in different brush sizes.
  • Stickers — alphabet stickers are good to start with, but you can also get word phrases and images
  • Prompts, paper pieces, and tip ins — these are quotes or Bible verses you can use to be a focus on a page
  • Tracing paper and graphite (carbon) paper

Where can we read more about Bible art journaling?

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Deborah Boutwell is a vital part of our customer care team here at B&H Publishing Group, helping to equip retailers across the country with Biblical solutions for life.