“I used to say that my marriage was the anvil on which the Lord was forging the new man in Christ which He was fashioning for His purposes on this side of heaven. I now believe that my grief is His new anvil for me, and the lessons I learn in grief will have redemptive value well beyond this difficult period—however long that lasts.”

Grief is a journey no one truly understands until they walk it. This short book captures lessons learned along that grief journey over the first eighteen months following author Stephen Silver’s wife Sandy’s unexpected death. These lessons serve as helpful, practical signposts for other grief sojourners navigating the “new country” after loss.

about the author

Stephen Silver is a retired management consultant, author, public speaker, and men’s ministry leader. His consulting career spanned thirty years in operations and technology for major public and private companies with the firm he founded. He is the author of New Man Journey and Grief Redeemed, and the founder of Men’s Golf Fellowship. Steve’s wife Sandy was a prolific researcher and writer. She had a popular blog on ancient Rome and the early Christians. She published nine books on a variety of topics. Prior to her unexpected death in December 2021, they lived in Connecticut and Naples, Florida. Her greatest loves were her faith and her family, which inspired and infused all her work.

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