It’s Time For a Vacation

Mary Wiley

Jul 25th

vacationSummer is the time when we pack our bags and hit the road for a family vacation.
Some of my best memories with my family have been on our summer vacations. Whether we were going to the beach or to Disney World, it was always something I anticipated for weeks. As excited as I would get about going on vacation there was one thing I didn’t look forward to…the many hours that we would have to spend in the car to get to our destination. Long car rides always resulted in comments like: Are we there yet? I’m bored! Mallory (my sister) is touching/looking at me! When this began to happen a lot of times the first thought that came to my parents mind was to pop in a movie or to get out the Game Boy (oh the days before the iPad). Those things were great and did keep us entertained for a little while, but my favorite thing was when my mom would read us a book. It was just so calming to listen to her reading and it allowed us to forget for a few minutes that we were riding in the car.

A great book series to read to your kids in the car to keep them entertained is Little Bible Heroes Flip-Over Books. These books are filled with the stories of incredible people from the Bible like: Jesus, Elijah, Zacchaeus, Ruth and many more. These books will allow you to teach your kids about the Bible in a way they easily understand and enjoy.

Each book comes with two stories inside, when you are finished with one you just flip the book over and there is a new story to read. At the end of each story there are opportunities to read, think, and remember, which includes questions to discuss and verses to memorize. The size of these books also makes it perfect for travel. Bringing these books on your family vacation will allow travel time to be more enjoyable and purposeful.

Family vacations are the time to make memories and to spend quality time together. Why not bring God into that quality time?

IMG_3818Meredith Ratcliff graduated from the University of Mississippi in May of 2015. Meredith is serving as the B&H intern this summer. She loves donuts, spending time with friends, and traveling. The farthest she’s ever been from home without her family was Ecuador.