Leading Major Change in Your Ministry Author Q&A


Oct 23rd

Q&A with Jeff Iorg, author of the Leading Major Change In Your Ministry

What prompted you to write this book?

Many leaders face the challenge of leading major change in ministry organizations. My experience in leading churches and organizations through major change, along with extensive research on this issue, has given me some insight into the process. I wrote the book to crystalize those ideas into helpful information for other leaders.


What are a few of the key lessons you’ve learned in your experience of leading several major institutional changes?

Major change must be directed by God and clearly connected to accomplishing his mission. Major change requires initiative by a leader, but is really accomplished by followers. Major change involves change and transition. Knowing the difference between those two concepts and managing them appropriately is essential.


How have your experiences leading change caused you to trust God more?

Leading major change is about taking risks and experiencing God’s power in remarkable ways.  Leading change in ministry settings is about following God on a great adventure, more than making a strategic plan and executing it perfectly.


What is one misconception you often see about change?

Leading major change can be done without sacrifice. It always takes all we have in the moment to get the job done.


How do you hope readers grow and learn from this book?

I hope leaders will be more determined than ever to lead major change. Churches and organizations must change often or die—and without leaders willing to take risks and move forward, they will die.