Living Fit Author Q&A


Oct 23rd

Q&A with Ronnie Floyd

What inspired you to write Living Fit?

God has taught me through the years that not one of the five major areas addressed in this book can be neglected. Living Fit is a genuine and realistic call to live your entire life to God’s glory. Many believe this book is a living testimony of my own life and how I have tried to live daily.


You write in the book about living fit in five different areas: spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, and relationally. Which of these five is the most neglected for Christians today?

I believe the most neglected area is the section on living fit physically.


Why do you think some Christians live as though their spiritual lives are disconnected from the rest of their lives—emotionally, physically, financially, and relationally?

Many Christians do not connect their spiritual life with their entire life. As your spiritual life goes, so goes the rest of your life. We cannot allow one part of our lives to be disconnected from the whole.


How can pastors encourage their churches to live fit holistically?

The best way for pastors to encourage their churches to live holistically is to live it out before others. Teach your people how important each of these areas is in life. One of the best ways would be for a pastor to teach through this book with his entire church.


You are heavily involved in the National Day of Prayer. How do you see the book helping those in prayer?

The healthier we are, the more we can pray effectively. Discipline in life is critical to your walk with Christ. This book inspires people to live fit.


How do you hope readers grow as a result of reading this book?

I believe readers will grow in their understanding of life. They will be challenged not to neglect one area of their life. This book will demonstrate lead people to living fit effectively.