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In a rapidly changing world, how do you maximize your church’s effectiveness no matter what you’re faced with?

In Mind the Gap, Clint Grider addresses the question that plagues many pastors’ minds: “Is what we’re doing really working? Are we as effective as we could be?” Using an extended metaphor of the London Underground railway system, Clint offers a thoughtful, timeless way for leaders to evaluate and bridge many of the critical gaps that exist in ministry.

A combination of deep thinking and practical clarity, Mind the Gap demonstrates how churches can know they’re making the best decisions to multiply their disciple-making vision in all contexts. This is not just another leadership book filled with simplistic clichés, nor a book about a new ministry model. Instead, Mind the Gap offers a new mindset that cuts past the noise. For leaders who want to address gaps between what they think the church should produce and what’s actually happening in people’s lives, who want to deepen their people’s growth and impact for Christ, and who want to adapt nimbly when challenges arise, there is Mind the Gap.



  • In a moment when almost every leader is aware of a crisis of discipleship, leadership expert Clint Grider offers a process for that very pain point. If you find yourself tripping over the gap between what you believe the church should produce and what is actually happening in the lives of your people, Mind the Gap offers an explicit approach and tested expertise. I believe you’ll return to it time and again.

    —Tod Bolsinger,
    bestselling author of Canoeing the Mountains and Tempered Resilience, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • Clint Grider serves the church with a unique blend of a shepherding heart and a strategic mind. He is able to toggle back and forth in leading conversations about each believer’s discipleship journey and how a church can be most effectively organized to scale discipleship for a lot of people. He has devoted his life to serving and catalyzing the minds and hearts of ministry leaders and Mind the Gap will be a helpful tool for many.” 

    —Eric Geiger,
    bestselling coauthor of Simple Church and Designed to Lead, senior pastor of Mariners Church

  • “I am convinced that every Jesus follower is to leverage their job, skill, and passion where they live, work, and play to join in the expansion of God’s kingdom for His glory. In these challenging days, Mind the Gap comes alongside the pastor to help improve their effectiveness in shepherding people to this great end in their unique context. May God use this book to equip pastors and unleash the church for His glory!”

    —Vance Pitman,
    president of Send Network, founding pastor of Hope Church, Las Vegas, and author of Unburdened and The Stressless Life

  • In our turbulent culture, the primary concern I hear repeatedly from pastors is the realization that what the church is doing often isn’t making disciples as intended. Clint does a phenomenal job of not only naming but also describing this reality with detail and clarity. He also helps leaders think strategically about how to honestly address those gaps in ways that are both practical and comprehensive. If you are noticing disconnects in your church’s discipleship approach in today’s culture, this book is a critical, much-needed resource. 

    —Dana Allin,
    author of Simple Discipleship and synod executive of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

  • Sometimes, numbers lie. That’s why Clint Grider challenges church leaders to measure success by counting growing disciples, not attendees. His book is packed with groundbreaking assessments and reflective questions to help you gauge whether your current systems are just filling seatsor actively transforming lives throughout your church and community every day. Want to ensure your ministries are impactful and interconnected, presenting a well-marked path to the Saviour? Read this book! 

    —Graeme Schnell,
    chief executive officer of Focus on the Family Africa

  • Wow, this book is an amazing tool and a must read for leaders! Amidst current cultural challenges and shifting societal values, we have found that prevailing ministry leaders are able to acknowledge and name the gaps in their own leadership and organizations. In Mind the Gap, Clint provides much needed language and strategies for how to do this in powerfully effective ways that will net scalable and measurable Kingdom results. 

    —Tim Foot,
    pastor, coach, speaker, musician, and chief executive officer and president of Slingshot Group

the author

Clint Grider is a strategist, vision optimizer, and momentum catalyzer with extensive experience in church ministry and nonprofit leadership. Clint is chief integration officer and senior lead navigator for Auxano, a leading consulting group that has served thousands of churches and other organizations. He identifies key strengths and systemic nuances at the core of an organization’s culture to unleash greater levels of impact. Clint’s leadership has been proven in churches, universities, global ministries, medical research, entrepreneurial, and other settings. He is an ordained pastor who holds business and educational psychology degrees from Baylor and a PhD in educational administration and process improvement from Texas A&M. Clint and his wife, Kindra, have been married over 30 years and have two daughters. They live near Dallas, Texas. 


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