In a rapidly changing world, how do you maximize your church’s effectiveness no matter what you’re faced with?

In Mind the Gap, Clint Grider addresses the question that plagues many pastors’ minds: “Is what we’re doing really working? Are we as effective as we could be?” Using an extended metaphor of the London Underground railway system, Clint offers a thoughtful, timeless way for leaders to evaluate and bridge many of the critical gaps that exist in ministry.

A combination of deep thinking and practical clarity, Mind the Gap demonstrates how churches can know they’re making the best decisions to multiply their disciple-making vision in all contexts. This is not just another leadership book filled with simplistic clichés, nor a book about a new ministry model. Instead, Mind the Gap offers a new mindset that cuts past the noise. For leaders who want to address gaps between what they think the church should produce and what’s actually happening in people’s lives, who want to deepen their people’s growth and impact for Christ, and who want to adapt nimbly when challenges arise, there is Mind the Gap.

Clint Grider

the author

Clint Grider is a strategist, vision optimizer, and momentum catalyzer with extensive experience in church ministry and nonprofit leadership. Clint is chief integration officer and senior lead navigator for Auxano, a leading consulting group that has served thousands of churches and other organizations. He identifies key strengths and systemic nuances at the core of an organization’s culture to unleash greater levels of impact. Clint’s leadership has been proven in churches, universities, global ministries, medical research, entrepreneurial, and other settings. He is an ordained pastor who holds business and educational psychology degrees from Baylor and a PhD in educational administration and process improvement from Texas A&M. Clint and his wife, Kindra, have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters. They live near Dallas, Texas.

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