MOMCon: Will We See You There?

Mary Wiley

Sep 3rd

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.24.17 AMMoms, we know you are busy chasing toddlers as they leave a trail of Cheerios around your house, putting up those toys just one more time today, running to the grocery store for what feels like the 80th time this week, and being the family chauffeur. And just for that, today, we champion you! But we know that you do a million other things, many of which may never even be realized. So, we hope we’ll see you at MomCon, because we’d love to know that you are able to relax for just a few days and get the appropriate Mom treatment! We’d love for you to drop by the B&H booth to receive 40% off on all books, both for you and your kiddos. Many of these would make the perfect prize to take home from the conference for your little ones. We won’t tell them you got it for such a deal! Here are a few of the many books we’ll have available:


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Not coming to MOMCon? 

We get the opportunity to discount books at most events that we attend. You also can get these books on the website, unfortunately not at the 40% off, but if you have a War Room ticket stub, you can get 20% off at your local Lifeway store right now!