More Than a Battle testimonial 4


Nov 30th

“To be confronted by one’s sin is a severe mercy. There can be no repentance and no glory to come if we are not confronted by our sin, and yet the confrontation can be immensely painful. I hope that every Christian trapped in the mires of sexual sin has a mentor to guide them with the hopefulness, shrewdness, and graciousness Rigney displays in this book. More Than a Battle is not just a helpful guide for Christians mired in sexual sin, though it certainly is that. It’s also a perceptive study of the human heart that equips readers to understand their sin more carefully and to combat it more intelligently. It helps readers see that chastity is beautiful. And it’s a remarkable application of the Gospel to the lives of sinful people. This will be a go-to guide for pastors, campus ministers, and lay people alike.”

Jake Meador, author of In Search of the Common Good and editor-in-chief of Mere Orthodoxy