More Than a Battle testimonial 6


Dec 16th

Please don’t think this is just another book on sexual sin and addiction. Guilt and shame tie the soul in knots and cause us to hide, even from ourselves, pushing recovery further out of reach; this particular problem probably leads to more guilt and shame in our day than any other; and some Christian approaches only make things worse. So, how an author addresses this topic is practically as important as what the author says. Informed by a rich biblical anthropology and some neurobiology, and armed with union with Christ, Rigney writes with a gospel transparency, compassion, and wisdom that challenges, consoles, and encourages all at once. For the struggling and those who work with them, this book provides the materiel needed to wage a war that can be won. 

Eric L. Johnson, Professor of Christian Psychology, Gideon Institute of Christian Psychology and Counseling, Houston Baptist University