Christian Living

National Day of Prayer

Mary Wiley

May 7th

It only seems appropriate that we would remind ourselves of the necessity that prayer is to our Christian life on our National Day of Prayer. It has arrived at an ideal time as our cultural climate has required individuals, organizations, and even churches to decide their stand on some of the most hot-button tops our generation has faced thus far.

Indeed, our appropriate response is to fall before the Lord and ask that He would intervene in a way that only He can, and that He would give leaders, individuals, and ourselves wisdom and guidance. We cannot change hearts, but the Holy Spirit can. Prayer is the way we make known to God our concerns, and one of the ways that He aligns our heart with His. We pray that you will spend some time today praying. Pray for those in leadership in our country: our President, Congress, and state and city legislatures. Pray for your family and their hearts. Pray for your pastor and his family. Pray for the teachers of your children. Pray for your neighbors and those that you see each day. Pray for that mom in the grocery store in front of you in line struggling to hold on to her two toddlers. Pray for that dad who is working two jobs to keep his family afloat. Pray for that college graduate who has no idea what to do next. Pray for those affected by natural disasters. Pray for those who are having a great day and feel like they have it all together. May you never cease to pray today, and may it begin a habit of consistent prayer.

If you are looking for books about prayer, you might enjoy Beth Moore’s Whispers of Hope or Priscilla Shirer’s upcoming book on prayer, Fervent. Be on the look out in the fall for the movie War Room, which is a beautiful picture of the power of prayer.