Prayer: The Perfect Weapon for Battles

Mary Wiley

Sep 9th

Kids face battles too. Although their battles aren’t paying bills on time or cleaning, making food, and parenting a family, their battles seem big to them. There is no better way to teach your child how to overcome these battles than on their knees in prayer to God.

Bullying, comparison, pressure, and so much more steal the joy of kids. The bad circumstances in their life will raise questions. Trials are inevitable for everyone. But how will they handle them? It is never too early for your son or daughter to understand the power of prayer. It is important that kids realize that when trials arise throughout their life, God hears their prayers! These companion books to the movie War Room will teach, encourage, and challenge your child about praying:



Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place is a hardback, jacketed picture book about a boy named Peter and his attempt to find the perfect place to pray to God. Peter ultimately learns that no matter where he is, God hears his prayers. This books is written for children ages 4-8.

Prayer Works

PrayerWorks is a hardback book that teaches kids ages 8-12 about prayer training and a strategy on how to grow their prayer life. Authors Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick encourage kids to understand how prayer works and how powerful it is. Not only does this book give explanations about prayer, it is filled with fun activities, illustrations, and journaling prompts. In addition, this book has 32 perforated journal pages that kids can use and display them on their mirror, locker, or even their prayer room—just like the characters in the movie. The topics include:

  • What is Prayer?
  • Why Should I Pray?
  • What Should I Pray For?
  • Does God Really Hear Me?
  • Where Do I Pray?
  • Why Do My Prayers Matter?
  • What’s the Best Way to Pray?
  • Is There a Wrong Way to Pray?
  • When Should I Pray?
  • Will God Answer My Prayers?
  • Put Your Prayers to Work!

This Means War

This Means War is a book written to promote prayer in difficult teen years. It encourages teens ages 13 and older to start a new prayer life that is strong, growing, and reflects the power of prayer. The just-right journaling encourages teens to think and pray to reinforce the real power of fighting a battle with prayer. Each short chapter tackles questions that teens have about prayer. These questions include:

  • Why pray, anyway?
  • What should I pray for? Are selfish prayers okay?
  • Who should I pray for? Am I really supposed to pray for my enemies too?
  • Will God listen? And will he answer?

Praying to God is the best way to overcome the battles of life. Teaching your children to pray is a skill they will never forget and will always use. When you can’t fix all their battles immediately, teach them to pray to God for answers, healing, and comfort.