Count Me In

by Travis Agnew, Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick

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By walking through the Gospel of Luke, Count Me In inspires students to hear Jesus's call of discipleship and to boldly live out their faith every day.


Today’s students are constantly pulled toward a life of confusion and half-baked beliefs. But Jesus Christ is calling them to something greater than anything this world can offer. He offers eternal life that includes a living relationship with God, a radical commitment to truth, and a life of love, compassion, and purpose. A radical life that counts now and in eternity.

Count Me In walks students through the entire Gospel of Luke and Jesus’s bold invitation to follow Him daily, obey Him faithfully, and trust Him completely. Each of the eight chapters focuses on an important element of discipleship, from studying Scripture to sharing Jesus with others. Students will be challenged with:

• Do I value the right relationships?
• Do I have a healthy perspective of my earthly stuff?
• Do I let temptation and sin block my spiritual growth?
• Do I have a plan to keep my life intentionally grounded in Christ?

Including reflection questions and discussion guides, this book can easily work for solo readers or group studies. Students should feel inspired to take on a deeper study of Scripture and challenged to take Christ’s call of discipleship seriously in their own lives.

Jesus chose young followers in the first century and invites today’s generation of young people to follow Him now. To know Him, love Him, and make Him known. To surrender and put Him first in every area. To be a part of His message and His mission to the nations. Count Me In will engage students to hear the amazing call of Jesus and to boldly live out their faith every day.

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