• All Authority, eBook

All Authority, eBook

Joey Shaw

Everybody who follows Jesus will encounter a myriad of “authorities” that directly challenge the authority of Christ. These other “authorities” may be parents, teachers, bosses, presidents, institutions, religions, or ideologies. In order to stay firm in devotion to Jesus, we must believe that He has supreme authority over all. Not partial authority, not most authority—all authority.

On the basis of his authority, he commissioned his people to go and make disciples among every people group on earth. This is an impossible commission if it were not for the promise that he is with them forever. The doctrine of the supreme authority of Christ not only upholds the work of the church, it is the central message that the church preaches. “Jesus is Lord” is good news!

Joey Shaw is the International Field Office Director for the Austin Stone Community Church and a regular contributor at Verge. Joey and his family live outside the United States where they serve unreached peoples for the glory of Christ.

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  • publish date: 02/01/2016
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  • Exulting in Jesus on every page, Joey Shaw’s treatise on the authority of Christ not only bolsters one’s faith but also inspires one’s spirit to worship Jesus, even when life is hard and worship seems improbable. Dripping with Scripture, the case Shaw lays out will serve as bedrock for believers under persecution and will enable not just surviving, but actual thriving in severe circumstances. May the view of Christ presented in this book spread and ignite white-hot worship among all peoples!

    Bob McNabb, Executive Director, Launch Global and author of Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World

  • Wow. Read at your own risk. If you pick up and read All Authority, you will learn about the authority and power of Christ, who rules over all. Your heart will be filled with deep emotion—joy, sorrow, and hope. Most of all, you will be challenged with fresh motivation to make disciples of all nations both personally and corporately. I believe generations for years to come will be reading this book, as they consider the enormous privilege, responsibility, and call to go to the nations with the good news of a crucified Lamb, an empty tomb, an occupied throne, and a soon-coming King. I plan on using it at our local church, and pray that we may also see a movement like Joey has described.

    Tony Merida, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

  • In recent years The Austin Stone Community Church has sent more than one hundred of her members to live and serve Christ among the nations. Believing that “biblical mission is biblical doctrine applied,” Joey Shaw offers us an important look at the theology and thinking that drives the mission efforts of a church that is literally impacting the world.

    Eric Geiger, Senior Pastor, Mariners Church

  • All Authority rings with truth and conviction. Joey writes with a double-pronged purpose. First, he masterfully develops from Scripture the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ’s authority. Second, his first-person narratives about how this authority intersects with mission serve as an impassioned plea for Jesus’ followers to trust him and follow him, wherever he leads, whatever the personal cost. Reading this book may be risky.

    Kendell Easley, Professor of Biblical Studies
    Director of Graduate Programs, School of Theology and Missions, Union University

  • Don’t try to devour this feast of applied biblical truths at one sitting. Nearly every page is a meal for serious reflection. Our Sovereign King Jesus, with all his authority, commands that we persevere in making disciples of all peoples . . . including among those who hate his messengers and his authority, and will kill us if they cannot drive us away otherwise. Whatever it takes . . .

    Greg Livingstone, Founder, Frontiers

  • There could not be a more relevant, timely, or thrilling concept for us to consider than that of the authority of Christ. Especially in my role as a wife and mom, I cannot think of a more important theme for my marriage or parenting. If the Lord wills, this book will inspire such confidence in his Son that unprecedented waves of gospel proclamation will begin to break on the darkest of shores.

    Gloria Furman, Cross-cultural worker (UAE) and author of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full

  • Many believers today lack confidence in the gospel, first for them- selves and especially in sharing it with people in their family, communities, and the nations of the world. In All Authority Joey takes the reader into the beauty and freedom of Jesus’ lordship with a depth and insight that I think will help a lot of people experience the power of their own salvation. This book will lead them to actually discover joy and confidence in sharing the life-giving hope of Christ with the people around them. This book is a great invitttion to have confidence in the one who is lovingly Lord of all.

    Rick McKinley, Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Community and author of The Answer to Our Cry and This Beautiful Mess

  • No other book unpacks the last words of Christ as skillfully and powerfully as All Authority. It will change you!

    Todd Ahrend, Founder, The Traveling Team and author of The Abrahamic Revolution and In This Generation

  • A lot has been written on the Great Commission, but much of it has focused on pragmatic ways in which to accomplish God’s mission. Joey Shaw’s book goes beyond the pragmatic to what empowers, ignites, and excites the mission of God, which is the authority of Jesus Christ. Christ’s authority is often assumed and overlooked, but as Joey makes clear, it is the very basis by which Christians spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joey writes not merely from research, but from personal experience in facing the trials and persecution that come with participating in God’s mission. He speaks on the authority of Christ because he rests in that authority as the source and strength of his ability to cross cultures and spread the gospel. This is an essential book for the church that longs to see the mission of God unleashed in every neighborhood, network, and nation.

    Logan Gentry, Lead Pastor, Apostles Church, Union Square, New York Center

  • The only way to be involved with persistence and joy in the Great Commission is to be resolutely fixated on Jesus, the Great Apostle. This book contains stories and insights that can help Christ- followers focus their attention afresh on Jesus, the magnificent world evangelizer.

    Steve Hawthorne, Director, WayMakers