• Christian Formation

Christian Formation

Integrating Theology and Human Development
Jonathan Kim

For Christian education professors and students, Christian Formation provides a composite view of human development and learning from integrated theory, theology, and educational practices in the church. By design, the book integrates these elements into a cohesive foundational piece for Christian education. Contributors include:
James Estep – “Christian Anthropology: Humanity as the Imago Dei,” “Developmental Theories: Foe, Friend or Folly?” “Moral Development and Christian Formation”
Jonathan Kim – “Intellectual Development and Christian Formation,” “Psychological Development and Christian Formation,” “Cultural Development and Christian Formation”
Timothy Jones and Michael Wilder – “Faith Development and Christian Formation”
Greg Carlson – “Adult Development and Christian Formation”
Mark Maddix – “Spiritual Formation and Christian Formation”

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  • publish date: 05/01/2010
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