• Fighting Words Journaling Devotional

Fighting Words Journaling Devotional

100 Days of Speaking Truth into the Darkness

Do you ever feel like you want to experience the kinds of bright things Jesus promises us—like “life to the full” and “rest for the weary”—but can’t seem to grab hold of them? Like the flurry of life is just too dark or foggy to see out of? Like the truth is just ahead of you and you know it will be light for your soul, but something is holding you back or holding you down?

Ellie Holcomb has been there too. In her debut journaling devotional, Fighting Words, you’ll find you’re not alone, and that this sort of fog and darkness has a name: lies. Lies about who you are. Lies about who God is. Lies about how—or if—if He loves you.

Instead of letting the darkness and lies overtake us—whether that’s a dream that didn’t come true, a season of depression, or just the basic “busy and tired” we all brave in the crazy chaos of the ordinary—Fighting Words will help you speak truth into the darkness with the light of God’s Word. With each page you’ll find, like Ellie did, that as you pick up the promises of God’s words, hold on to them, and fight back with them, God starts to change things—starting with you.

Nothing is more powerful than God’s Word. Let this devotional help you listen to it, take hold of it, believe it, and journal through it for yourself. When you do, you’ll find that little by little, you are kicking back the darkness and living in the light.

about the author

Singer-songwriter—and now author—Ellie Holcomb ​began her musical career touring the country with her husband in the Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her honest voice and rich lyrics shined on her first solo album and deemed her the Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards. In 2017, she followed with the restorative, hope-inducing Red Sea Road. Ellie, her husband, Drew, and their three children live and make music in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • season: Fall 2021
  • publish date: 10/01/2021
  • pages: 224