• For God So Loved the World

For God So Loved the World

A Blueprint for Kingdom Diversity
Dayton Hartman, Walter Strickland

Scripture captivates us by describing a people from “every nation, tribe, people, and language.” In pursuit of this kingdom vision, Christians have not always navigated America’s turbulent racial history in ways that honor others and glorify God. In For God So Loved the World, Dayton Hartman and Walter Strickland provide a blueprint for a better way, an invitation to Christ-centered diversity that is both descriptive and constructive. Chapters in the book examine the historical context of the American church and its efforts to cultivate racial justice and unity, then present a unifying public theology, and practical guidance for the journey. Convicting and hopeful alike, For God So Loved the World motivates readers to seek reconciliation in light of biblical warrant, personal sanctification, and the church’s corporate witness.


  • isbn: 9781462778300
  • status: Active
  • publish date: 06/05/2020
  • pages: 256
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