• From and Before God

From and Before God

A Practical Introduction to Expository Preaching

Imagine this scene. You are standing in the pulpit of your church preaching on a Sunday morning. Without your knowledge, the Lord Jesus himself is sitting in the last row, listening attentively to what you’re saying. How would this reality impact your preaching?

The truth is that this is no mere illustration: the Lord is present in His churches every Sunday, listening to the preaching of His Word.

The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 2:17 that ministers are to preach “as from God and before God.” Those who preach God’s Word are commissioned by God to preach, and they do their preaching before God, for an audience of one.

This, according to Sugel Michelén, is the biblical foundation for expository preaching—preaching that draws out what is in the Word of God. In this work, Michelén, regarded as one of the best preachers in the Spanish-speaking church, makes a biblical case for expository preaching and models for readers how to prepare and preach as from and before God.

about the author

Sugel Michelén, ha sido pastor en IBSJ por más de 30 años, liderando el ministerio de predicación casi todos los domingos. Es conocido por nuestros distribuidores como conferencista y más recientemente como autor del libro para B&H Español “De parte de Dios”. Movido por la comprensión de que los niños deben ser nutridos en el temor y la amonestación del Señor, a completado un gran número de estudios en educación y ha servido por varios años como director de ACSI Latinoamérica. Esto no solo lo ha establecido como un comunicador increíble, sino también como alguien ideal para el trabajo con niños y sus padres. Además, por más de 25 años, Sugel ha servido como ejecutivo de alto rango y profesor de filosofía en el Colegio privado IBSJ (Logos C.S.)

Sugel Michelén has been a pastor at IBSJ for over 30 years currently leading the preaching ministry on most Sundays. He is known to our distributors as a regular conference speaker and most recently, as the author of B&H Español’s Departe de Dios. Driven by an understanding that children are to be nurtured in the fear and admonition of the Lord, Sugel has completed a great deal of study in education and for several years now has served as the regional director for ACSI in Latin America. This has established him not only as an amazing communicator, but one ideally suited to serve Children and their parents. Further, for over 25 years, IBSJ has also had a private Christian School (Logos C.S.) where Sugel has served as both a top executive and a philosophy teacher.

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