• God Our Anchor

God Our Anchor

Held Fast through a Loved One’s Addiction
Deborah Bailey

Do you have friend, family member, or loved one in the throes of addiction? Do you feel tossed by the storm of their struggle, wondering how to stay anchored in truth and hope as you walk beside them?

Deborah Bailey has been there. Having lost her precious daughter to the darkness of addiction, she knows what it’s like to run to God in prayer and Scripture, asking the hard questions and dealing with great loss head-on. In God Our Anchor: Held Fast Through A Loved One’s Addiction, Deborah has crafted thirty devotionals for those who face a similar journey. Each thoughtful entry helps the reader navigate the storm of a loved one’s addiction and hold fast to our great anchor, the Lord.

Whether you have lost loved ones to addiction, or still walk beside them even now in their struggle, Deborah’s devotionals are a safe harbor for you to meet the Lord, letting Him hold you fast in some of the roughest waters a person can brave.

about the author

Deborah Bailey is a physical therapist, a teacher and advocate for intercessory prayer, and a mother who daily braves the loss of her daughter to drug addiction. Desperate for relief from the turmoil that the storm of addiction hailed at her daughter, Ashlynn, Deborah clung to God’s Word and fervent prayer at depths she had never plumbed before. While supporting her daughter through multiple drug rehabilitation programs, Christian counseling, and sessions with various experts in psychology and psychiatry, Deborah felt the presence of the Lord and knew He had a plan to share her experiences with others who faced the same turmoil. She and her husband, Mike, now have a teaching and speaking ministry that seeks to end addiction and increase public awareness about the current addiction crisis. Deborah is the cofounder alongside her husband of The Ashlynn Bailey Foundation, an initiative dedicated to restore the lives of reformed addicts, provide hope for families in the midst of an addiction crisis, and pave a way for justice to reign in this broken world of drugs. More information about their foundation may be found at

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what are people saying

  • God Our Anchor is a riveting read that takes on one of the most volatile attacks on the family and the church. No family is safe from the attack of drug addiction, and Deborah Bailey takes this issue head-on pulling no punches. This biblically sound devotional is a must-read not only for those who are in the battle but also to prepare for the possibility of an upcoming battle. God Our Anchor sheds light on who is behind the attack and why we must be anchored to the hope found only in Christ.

    Rick Burgess, cohost of The Rick and Bubba Show

  • For parents facing the gut-wrenching but all-too-common experience of walking through their children’s drug addictions, Deborah Bailey’s God Our Anchor provides the tools to wholly align their thinking on this difficult life experience with God’s perspective. Seeing it God’s way is practically the whole battle, and God Our Anchor gets you there.

    Mark Pettus, Highlands College

  • Addiction never only affects the user; it always touches the family members of the addict. God Our Anchor reminds us not to place our hope in the answers offered to us by the world but rather to tether our souls to trusting in our loving God. Deborah has provided a great source of comfort, peace, and direction for heartbroken and distraught parents looking for answers and hope.

    Micah Andrews, Chief Executive Officer, The Foundry Ministries, Bessemer, Alabama

  • As a pastor, counselor, and Christian addiction specialist, I highly recommend God Our Anchor as a must-read for every Christian parent who is struggling with a prodigal child mired in drugs, alcohol, and other rebellious activities. Deborah has touched on every aspect of pain and healing a parent goes through, whether married or single, while dealing with addictions in their family. This book is a great tool as study guide for support groups across America.

    Rock Hobbs, Senior Pastor/Executive Director, Transformation Ministries, Birmingham, Alabama