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How You Live

Lessons Learned from Point of Grace
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Whether it’s starting a new job, graduating from school, welcoming a new baby in the house, sending a child off out of the nest, or simply dealing with the daily battles of worry, fear, health, and faith, we’ve all been there before, and we all come out on the other side with lesson learned. And that’s exactly the kind of message this beautiful coffee table book offers. With more than twenty years of experience in work, marriage, parenting, faith, and music, the GRAMMY Nominated and Dove-award winning ladies of Point of Grace—beloved and longtime CCM artists—share the the lessons God has taught them in these areas and many more:

· Faith
· Marriage
· Parenting
· Graduation
· New Jobs
· Babies
· Preparing for an Empty Nest
· Priorities and Routines
· Gratitude
· Parenting
· Worry
· Boundaries
· Health
· Authenticity
· College

The back section also offers a journaling space for you to move beyond our stories and record your own lessons learned. Use this space to remind yourself of His great grace in the future, or perhaps even pass on these insights as a gift to a loved one who might need your wisdom now.

about the author

The women of Point of Grace have provided a soundtrack to our lives for over two decades. With faith-filled, and passionate lyrics, their memorable melodies and soaring harmonies have inspired generations to live boldly and keep God’s love as the foundation of their lives. With over 8 million recordings sold, 3 GRAMMY® nominations, multiple Dove awards, and countless accolades, the story of a few gifted college girls with a simple passion to unite and share their musical gifts for the glory of God continues to evolve and engage thousands of fans, both old and new. Their unique ability to affect audiences with heartfelt song and story is stronger than ever. Each new season of life seems to challenge the trio to reach even higher and dig deeper into their craft, as seen in the musical and lyrical depth of their more recent projects. One can only think that the days ahead are like a burst of light on the horizon, ready to yield even more of the heavenly and timeless artistry we have come to know and love.

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  • isbn: 9781535984737
  • status: Not Yet Published
  • season: Fall 2020
  • publish date: 10/27/2020
  • pages: 192


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