• Licencia para dudar

Licencia para dudar

Cómo aprovechar tus dudas para vivir plentamente

Doubt and confidence are intimately related and affect a human being’s decisions in every sphere of life. In Licencia para dudar (Licence to Doubt) the author presents arguments that will help the reader understand how confidence functions, and it shows the kinds of doubts that paralyze and deprives us of being able to experiment life in all of its fullness. The book offers a clear path to tools for understanding and analyzing doubts and in that way controlling the anxieties that doubts create. Licencia para Dudar offers a self-analysis that allows the reader to customize practical solutions for his particular case and minimize the kinds of doubts that paralyze and besiege us and make us anxious.

about the author

Chris Du-Pond es ingeniero de sistemas en Oracle. Por más de 13 años ha sido profesor y ministro de jóvenes de su congregación. Es graduado del programa de apologética en Biola y es orador habitual junto a algunos de los líderes en apologética de la iglesia de hoy. Su pasión y objetivo es hablar a todos los cristianos que enfrentar dudas en diferentes etapas de la vida espiritual. DuPont es padre y esposo. Chris Du-Pond is a father and husband and a systems engineer with Oracle. For over 13 years he's been a teacher and a youth minister at the congregation. He is a graduate of Biola's apologetics program and is a regular speaker alongside some of the leading apologists in the Church today. His passion and aim is to speak to the average Christian who faces doubt at different times in their spiritual journey.  

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