• Los hermanos que soñaban con ser grandes

Los hermanos que soñaban con ser grandes

Hace muchos años, en un lugar lejano llamado Galilea, vivían dos hermanos que soñaban con ser grandes. En este recuento de la historia basada en los evangelios, Patricia Namnunrelata el viaje de los hijos de Zebedeo, Santiago y Juan, comenzando desde su infancia. Tras su encuentro con Jesús en Galilea, sus vidas fueron transformadas y sus sueños redimidos e impulsados hacia un futuro fascinante.

Many years ago, in a distant place called Galilee, lived two brothers who dreamed of being great. In this retelling of the story based on the gospels, Patricia Namnun recounts the journey of the sons of Zebedee, James and John, starting since their childhood. Upon their encounter with Jesus in Galilee, their lives were transformed and their dreams redeemed and propelled into a fascinating future.

about the author

Patricia Namnún is the coordinator for Spanish women’s initiatives at The Gospel Coalition (Coalición por el Evangelio) from where she writes, contacts authors and acquires specific content for women. She serves in the women’s and couples’ ministries at her local church and is a deaconess at the International Baptist Church in Dominican Republic. She has a certificate in ministries from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary through the Seminary Wives Institute ́s program and a Certificate in Bible Studies from the Integrity and Wisdom institute (Instituto Integridad y Sabiduría).

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