• Mighty Miracles/Joseph the Dreamer Flip-Over Book

Mighty Miracles/Joseph the Dreamer Flip-Over Book


What's better than a favorite Bible story? Two favorite Bible stories! Read about some of the Bible's biggest miracles, then flip the book over and learn about Joseph! These Big Picture Interactive Flip-Over books offer coloring fun as well, so you can make the story your own. Collect all six in the series:

In the Beginning/The Great Flood
Brave Queen Esther/David and the Giant
Mighty Miracles/Joseph the Dreamer
Jesus Grows Up/Jesus Teaches the People
Jesus' Miracles/Finding the Lost
The Birth of a King/Jesus Saves His People

Don't miss any of the products in the Big Picture brand, which includes The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook, The Big Picture Interactive Bible, The Big Picture Interactive Bible Stories in 5 Minutes, The Gospel Story, and The Big Picture Interactive Bible Stories for Toddlers.

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B&H Kids creates Bible-centered, engaging content for kids. From board books to Bibles, our resources are designed to help kids develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus and to empower parents to guide their child’s spiritual growth.

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Heath McPherson runs a small studio that creates whimsical illustrations and animation for folks across the country. His work includes Timmy and Tammy’s Train of Thought by Oliver Chin as well a number of animated commercials.

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  • isbn: 9781433643309
  • status: Active
  • season: Spring 2016
  • publish date: 05/01/2016
  • pages: 32
  • carton quantity: 120


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