• Noah’s Gloomy Joyful Ark

Noah’s Gloomy Joyful Ark

Join the animals, make some noise, and find some joy!

This rollicking board book offers a new look at Noah’s ark, imagining how the animals might have felt on that one-of-a-kind journey. Maybe they were a bit gloomy to leave their home and wait . . . wait . . . wait for what would come next. But there must have been joyful cheers as they finally pranced out onto dry land!

This fun-to-read story encourages readers to join in, roaring and hopping and hee-hawing right along with the animals on the ark. And when the rainbow and God’s promise stretch across the sky, children will be reminded that even in their own gloomy days, they can look for God’s love!

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  • isbn: 9781430085287
  • status: Not Yet Published
  • publish date: 10/24/2023
  • pages: 24
  • carton quantity: 24

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