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How an Accident, Alcohol, and Addiction Led Me to God
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Robby Gallaty is not who you think he is.

In Recovered, pastor and author Robby Gallaty tells the story of how God radically saved him from his addictions and called him into a life of discipleship.

Robby grew up in a very religious Catholic family who attended church every Sunday and confession on Saturday if needed. Very rarely did he miss a Saturday night dinner and a movie with his parents and sister Lori. You can imagine how devastated they were when Robby stole $15,000 from them to fuel his drug addiction. Two years earlier, he was rear-ended on his way home from work by an 18-wheeler. Two herniated discs in his neck and back forced him to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to cope with the pain. Within three months, he transitioned to street drugs, heroine, and cocaine, after blowing through his thirty-day prescription in two weeks. Robbing his parents was the only option to prolong his drug habit.

Shortly thereafter, Robby hit rock bottom. But God wasn’t done with him. After a trip to rehab followed by a relapse and a second rehab visit, Robby surrendered his life to Christ, and nothing has ever been the same. This story—a story of salvation and new life—is for any reader who:

  • wonders if God is done with them

  • has messed up time and time again

  • is battling drug or alcohol addiction or other destructive behaviors

  • has a loved one in the throes of addiction

  • needs to be reminded of the miraculous salvation found in the gospel

about the authors

Dr. David Platt, President of the International Mission Board, is deeply devoted to Christ and His Word. David’s first love in ministry is making disciples, sharing, showing, and teaching God’s Word in everyday life. He has traveled extensively to serve alongside church leaders throughout the United States and around the world.  A life-long learner, David has earned two undergraduate and three advanced degrees.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (A.B.J.) from the University of Georgia, and a Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Theology (Th.M) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He previously served at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as Dean of Chapel and Assistant Professor of Expository Preaching and Apologetics, Staff Evangelist at Edgewater Baptist Church in New Orleans, and eight years as the Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL. David has written several books, Radical, Radical Together, Follow Me and most recently Counter Culture (to be released February 2015). He also has a radio program on Moody Radio, Radical with David Platt, that can be heard around the world and features past sermons and teaching from David’s ministry. David founded Radical (, a ministry devoted to serving churches and disseminating disciple-making resources toward the end that the gospel might be made known in all nations. David and his wife Heather have four children, Caleb, Joshua, Mara Ruth, and Isaiah.

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Robby was radically saved out of a life of drug addiction on November 12, 2002. Eight months later, a young seminary student named David Platt asked Robby to meet weekly for accountability, prayer, and Bible study. For the next 2 years, David instilled a passion for missions, expository preaching, and disciple-making in Robby’s life.

After going back to school and earning his Masters of Divinity, Robby launched Replicate Ministries to equip local churches to make disciples who make disciple-makers. The Disciple’s Study Bible is the tool he’s designed to help do that.

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what are people saying

  • “Robby Gallaty shares about his powerful transformation through the work of Jesus Christ in his book Recovered. After struggling with years of addiction, Robby encountered the living Savior! He learned firsthand to seek God for his identity; to be disciplined in prayer and Bible study; and to surround himself with godly mentors and those who will hold him accountable. His story offers hope to those who are struggling with addiction and challenges those who have settled for mediocrity in their relationship with Jesus.”

    Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick, Filmmakers, War Room and Overcomer

  • “Recovered is a fascinating, page turning story of the path to—and freedom from—drug addiction. But there is so much more. It’s a book of hope and help, filled with practical insights in helping others follow Jesus Christ and grow in their knowledge of and obedience to Him—which is essential! Like Robby (whose teaching I have happily sat under), I have never gotten over the wonder of being saved. What you read will not only reignite your passion to introduce others to Jesus Christ and disciple them; it will show you how. This is a book I will heartily recommend to those whose loved ones are in the bondage of drug addiction and need to understand what’s going on with them and within them!”

    Kay Arthur, Author, International Teacher, and Cofounder and Brand Ambassador of Precept Ministries: Engaging people in 185 countries in 83 languages in relationship with God through knowing His Word

  • “You’ll really love this book. Robby’s story of meeting Jesus and being changed is a picture of what the love of God does for all of us.”

    Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author of Love Does and Everybody Always

  • “This book reads like a novel. You can’t help but feel that there are crazy things happening to a fictional character who you hope makes it. But what’s striking is that it’s real, a real story of a real person finding the power of real change. Bravo to Robby for the bravery it takes to share a story like this.”

    Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

  • “This is an amazing book! Pastor Robby Gallaty openly shares his story and his battle with his addictions. His journey is real and honest. When he finally was able to turn his life and will completely over to Christ, his life dramatically changed. God continues to use him to help many with their struggles. This book is a must read!”

    Pastor John Baker, Founder of Celebrate Recovery

  • “Robby’s story epitomizes God’s transformational grace! I can relate in so many ways. Robby’s been very inspiring to me and many others on what happens when our daily, intentional focus is to live in God’s will as opposed to our own. If you are battling, been affected, or know someone who’s dealing with the disease of addiction—then Recovered is a must read!”

    Jeff Jarrett, Hall of Fame Wrestler

  • “Recovered is a powerful read for anyone struggling with addiction and the desire to be free. As you turn the pages of this book, your shame will be lifted through Robby’s depth and honesty as he shows you how to enter freedom through the power of Christ.”

    Darryl Strawberry, Four-time World Series champion and evangelist