• Superheroes Can’t Save You: Study Guide

Superheroes Can’t Save You: Study Guide

Jared Musgrove

“Are you worshiping a fictional superhero, or the Jesus of the Bible?”

Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus different from your favorite superhero? Have you questioned how Jesus could really be all that the Bible says he is? This seven-week study, used in conjunction with Todd Miles’ Superheroes Can’t Save You, will challenge you to keep asking these questions, and point you to answers that are grounded in the Bible’s unchanging truth.

Bible Study Sessions:

  • Session 1: Superman Can’t Save You – Was Jesus God in disguise?
  • Session 2: Batman Can’t Save You – Was Jesus just a remarkable human?
  • Session 3: Ant-Man Can’t Save You – Was Jesus one of three “costumes” of the one God?
  • Session 4: Thor Can’t Save You – Was Jesus created by God?
  • Session 5: Green Lantern Can’t Save You – Was Jesus a good man that God adopted?
  • Session 6: The Hulk Can’t Save You – Was Jesus a divine mind in a human body?
  • Session 7: Spider-Man Can’t Save You – Was Jesus part man and part God?


  • No additional leader guide required! This guide contains all of the participant information, plus instructions and suggestions for the week’s discussion leader.
  • Each week begins with independent work in “The Prologue,” brings the group together for discussion as part of “The League,” and concludes with a time of personal reflection and application in “The Fortress of Solitude."
  • Invites you to dive in to an in-depth yet accessible study of Christology – the study of the person, nature, and role of Jesus Christ.
  • Great for youth and college groups and adults of all ages who want to learn about Jesus as the Bible reveals him.

about the author

Jared Musgrove is the groups pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

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