• The Amazing Journey, eBook

The Amazing Journey, eBook

Jesus, Creation, Death, and Life!

God’s plan can be a mystery, but in this journey from creation to Christ’s death on the cross, children learn that our Father loves us enough to give us a fresh start. Like the flowers and trees that burst into life in the spring, so too can we rejoice in our new life because Jesus’ sacrifice provided us all with a fresh start. An accurate retelling of Christ’s death created to help ages 4 to 8 understand the overarching meaning of the resurrection.

Includes a two page glossary of key words such as Holy Spirit, Crucify, Miracle, Forgiveness and more. A whole-family resource for reading aloud or reading along with young readers, while also enjoyable for independent readers.


  • isbn: 9781433683442
  • status: Active
  • season: Winter 2014
  • publish date: 02/15/2014


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