• The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, NT Edition, eBook

The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, NT Edition, eBook

New Testament

Using the Bible as the original textbook, Greg Harris shows readers the continuity and cohesiveness of God’s Word. The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: New Testament picks up where the Old Testament edition ended. Rather than jumping into Matthew, where our New Testament begins, Harris instead looks to Luke 24 where Jesus taught through every book of the Old Testament, showing truths that were either already fulfilled by him or would be in the future. This unique approach enables the reader to have a greater confidence is what God’s Word teaches, and a greater love and appreciation for our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • isbn: 9781433643163
  • status: Active
  • season: Spring 2018
  • publish date: 02/01/2018
  • The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, OT Edition, eBook

The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, OT Edition, eBook

Old Testament Edition

The Bible Expositor’s Handbook of the Old Testament provides a thorough introduction to the attitudes and practices required to deeply understand the message of the Old Testament. Exhorting students of Scripture to approach the Old Testament with an attitude of humility and expectation, Greg Harris lays the groundwork for a Christ-centered interpretation that takes into account the redemptive story of the whole Bible. Employing a literal-grammatical hermeneutic, Harris leads the reader through the process of observing, interpreting, and applying the Old Testament.


  • isbn: 9781433692406
  • status: Active
  • season: Fall 2016
  • publish date: 12/15/2016

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