The Blessed Life

by Kelly Minter

The Blessed Life

by Kelly Minter

Hardcover, Printed

A 90-Day Devotional through the Teachings and Miracles of Jesus

In her much anticipated debut devotional, beloved author and Bible teacher Kelly Minter walks readers through a warm and encouraging 90-day journey of Jesus’ teachings and miracles as revealed in the book of Matthew.


Imagine how your life might change if you followed Jesus up that Galilean hillside, hearing His most famous Sermon for yourself as you sat in the tall grass. Imagine how the world might change if you followed Him down the mountain, reaching your arms out as He did to a harvest field desperate for His touch.

With accessible, warm, and down-to-earth writing, you don’t have to imagine these things, for beloved author and Bible teacher Kelly Minter brings to life the teachings and healings of Jesus in vivid color. Sharing her own heart along the way, Kelly offers historical elements of Jesus’s day and references the original language when illuminating. The Blessed Life is for anyone willing to take a thoughtful 90-day journey through the mind, heart, and work of Jesus, so they might know Him more deeply and reflect Him more fully.

Go up the mountain to learn.
Go down the mountain and walk accordingly.
You’ll never be the same.

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