The Christ of Christmas

by Marc Sikma, Rita Tan

The Christ of Christmas

by Marc Sikma, Rita Tan

Hardcover, Printed

An Age-old Story with a New Family Tradition

This long picture book is the perfect story to display on the coffee table during Christmastime. In sixty-four beautifully illustrated pages, this story tells of a family who, through the intentional persistence of one parent, is forever changed by the Christ of Christmas.


What’s a better time to share the gospel than Christmas?

The Christ of Christmas tells the story of sixteen-year-old Lily and her family, who prioritize different things at Christmastime. For years, Lily's mom has faithfully used a wooden manger and cross to share the gospel with her unbelieving family. She wants them to know that because of God's first Christmas gift to His people, every heart can be healed. But when a big change happens just days before Christmas, the family must decide if the tradition will continue. Will it have the power to change their family forever?

With sixty-four beautifully illustrated pages, The Christ of Christmas is a charming read for the family to revisit together each year and will look gorgeous on coffee tables as a new Christmastime tradition. It also offers both churches and individuals a gentle and uplifting way to share the gift of Christ’s love with others. Through its compelling story arc, clear communication of the gospel, and beautiful story of first-time belief, The Christ of Christmas shows readers that Christmas is a story of hope and healing.

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